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Language Tutoring and Language and Culture Coaching – Family Language Solutions

Language Tutoring and Language and Culture Coaching

Learning a language is difficult.  Doing it by yourself can feel nearly impossible!  Our professional tutoring and coaching staff will provide you with with quality one-on-one or group tutoring or coaching online.

What is the difference between language tutoring and language coaching?

While they have some overlap, there are some major differences.

Tutoring is the process of meeting regularly with a speaker of the language you are learning to have them teach you that specific language.  Your tutor will be a fluent speaker of this language and possess an expert understanding of the language’s grammar.  You will start out by discussing your language learning goals and assessing prior experience.  Your tutor will then tailor their curriculum to best suit your needs.  After this, you will proceed to meet on a regular basis, likely several times a week for an extended period of time until you have reached your goal.  We currently offer tutoring in Russian and in English.

Language and culture coaching is a process that is designed specifically to help people with moving to a new culture and learning a new language.  It involves meeting or emailing periodically with an expert in the process of language and culture learning to help guide you in your individual learning process.  Your coach may not be fluent in the specific language you are studying in your new context, but they have a background in linguistics and have personally experienced living in a foreign culture and studying a language to fluency in an immersion context.  They will help you to set goals, determine language learning options, assess the reality of your situation and progress, and decide what to do next.  They will also be there to help you deal with culture shock.  They have their own personal experiences with this and know what you’re going through! Through periodic online meetings and email exchanges, they will help you to thrive in your new culture and speaking your new language.