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Russian Book 2 Released! – Family Language Solutions

Russian Book 2 Released!

Book 2 is Finally Here!

We are really excited to see our Beginner’s Language Learning series growing. It has been our goal since we started this project to release enough books in this series to provide at least a full academic year of language instruction for small children and their families. At the same time, we are trying to work with local artists and translators to make sure our content represents their heritage well. We also believe firmly here in giving people a helping hand, so we try to find artists and translators who actually need the work, not just feed our funds into a large corporate machine. Doing this takes time both to find these people, to evaluate their situation, and to build relationships with them. It is our eventual goal to do customized local artwork for each language we produce. We will put out another post soon giving more details about this.

For now, I want to give a big thanks to Igor and Viktoriya for their help with this book. We had to make some changes along the way, some of which will be reflected in the next few books in the series, but we are all pretty satisfied with how this one has turned out.

Book 2, “Victoria’s Family,” is a short story in which Viktoria introduces us to her closest relatives and teaches us more basic vocabulary and a little bit about names and families in the Russian-speaking world. Our Kindle version comes with embedded audio files that allow your children to listen along and interact with the story, even if you don’t know any Russian yourself. It also comes with a lesson plan that extends the activities of Book 1, “Max and Mom Go Shopping” to give you introductory curriculum for homeschool or classroom settings. We are in the process of making some minor changes to the formatting to prepare the book for release as a paperback in the near future.

Check out “Victoria’s Family,” for a limited-time low price of $2.99, and be sure to give us your feed back to help us improve the following books in our series!


(Kindle Version)

(Paperback)       (Kindle Version)

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