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A Fruitful Learning Experience – Family Language Solutions

A Fruitful Learning Experience

It has been a while since I’ve posted and I just wanted to give a quick update on what we’ve been up to.  As we’ve talked about before, our passion is helping families learn languages.  Our own experience has taught us that finding curriculum suitable for small children is often difficult.  Because of that, we have been working for the last few months to put together our first set of Beginners Level language learning material for families with small children.

The set will consist of colorful children’s books, interactive audio technology, hands-on activities and a suggested lesson plan to help you and your child get the best language learning experience possible. At the moment, we are working on products in English, Spanish, ASL, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Arabic.  For all of our products, we work with native speakers to ensure that both written and audio material is of the best quality.    We hope that by the end of this summer, our first few products will be made available to you.

I want to give a special thanks to my friend Igor from Ukraine who is illustrating the first version of these books.  As someone who has lived in Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and who has traveled the world by sea, he has an amazing grasp on not only some of the languages we are working with, but also the artwork of these different regions, and is striving to express the concepts of each lesson with pictures that represent the collective styles of each region.  I hope as the language combinations of these books grow, I am able to find more talented local artists like him to help bring the flavors of each region out more distinctly into the books we produce.  After all, language learning is much more than simply learning words.  It is learning the culture and worldview of those with whom you wish to communicate.


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