Russian Tutoring


Would you like to improve your Russian with the help of a live tutor? Family Language Solutions LLC is proud to announce that we now offer online tutoring sessions via Skype. Whether you are a working dad, stay-at-home-mom, preschool student, or anywhere in between, we will take the time to evaluate your language level and learning goals to customize your learning experience for your unique needs.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your language level and a discussion of your language learning goals. If you are already using our language learning books, ask about our loyalty discounts. Also, be sure to ask about our group discounts, bundle deals, and family packages.

A note on minors

We provide tutoring to people of all ages.  In order to do this for minor children, however, we do require parental consent.  Any minors wishing to receive tutoring must have their parents/guardians contact us. We will send you a parental consent form.  After you have returned this form to us, we will set up a time for a video call with both parent and child and discuss with you your child’s goals and the schedule for their tutoring. Parents can also request to receive periodic updates on their child’s progress.

What we would like to know when you contact us

When you write to us, we ask that you include your name, age, reason for studying Russian, an estimation of your current language level, and a summary of your previous experiences in studying the Russian language.  If you are contacting us on behalf of your minor child, please include this information for both them and yourself.  If you need help evaluating your language level, one resource we recommend is the ACTFL proficiency test.  You can read a description of their proficiency levels here or even schedule a test to evaluate your proficiency level here. These evaluations are not necessary for you to study with a Family Language Solutions tutor, but can help you to track your progress and prove your proficiency later should you need it for employment. We have no affiliation with ACTFL or Language Testing International, though some of our staff have used their services in the past and personally recommend them.



**You must be 18 years old in order to contact Family Language Solutions LLC.  Minors wishing to be tutored must have their parents/guardians contact us. We will not reply to minors who contact us directly apart from their parents/guardians**