Beginner’s Language Learning Series

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Russian Series

Book 1: Max and Mom Go Shopping 


Published 07 September 2017

The first book in its series, Max and Mom Go Shopping is designed to kick off your family’s Russian learning journey. Told through a short story with interactive audio links, this book uses tested language learning principles to introduce basic vocabulary and power phrases like “What’s that?” and “Give me the…” This not only teaches the Russian language, but also teaches skills to facilitate self-guided language learning. After the story, this book contains additional vocabulary and a sample lesson plan with hands-on activities to maximize both learning and fun. This book is part of the Beginner’s Language Series for Families and Children. Each new unit in this series is designed as a single storybook to help children see that language learning is a fun, self-guided activity where they can pick up previous books to read or listen to at their own will.




Coming soon to the Russian Series:



Work is also going on to produce our curriculum in the following languages:

English (as a second language)





Moroccan Arabic